I am a yoga therapist and a coach specialised in eating psychology,  I use yoga postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness, meditation and guided visualisation to improve mental and physical health.


I cover a broad range of therapeutic modalities using my experience, and coaching to help my clients to alleviate back issues, anxiety, depression, sleeping problems and weight management.


I am very passionate about sharing my love for yoga and tailor made my classes to meet my student needs and help them deal with emotional and physical recovery. I use yoga as tool to help them to incorporate change life habits with a self-care approach.

I am also a mum of two wonderful boys, who arrived into my life after I discovered yoga.

A bit about me ... 



I use the elements of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow to work on the physical health and mental well-being levels. I combine bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dyana) to align your inner balance. At the of each class you will feel your mind is clear and peaceful.


I am passionate about the ancient yoga elements and for this reason I include exercises to bring the eight limbs of yoga, seven chakras, mantras and chanting.

I aim to connect my students to the benefits of this practice and help them to create a sanctuary where they can feel happy with the whole experience.