About me...

As a product manager in the pharmaceutical industry, and an international account manager for Unilever, I managed different products, created campaigns and looked after the marketing and advertising side, as well as dealt with clients from different backgrounds and cultures.

My job was extremely demanding, as a corporate job can be – especially when you love what you do. I worked extra hours to meet deadlines, made myself available outside office hours and even when I was on holiday: sacrificing in order to succeed.

My mind was so focussed on my job and on trying to make a living that I lost the ability to properly take care of myself.

Yoga helped.

For ten years I worked on a self-practice and attended numerous gyms and retreats. Then I started to think what I would like from a yoga class and came to the conclusion that I wanted more than what I was being offered. I wanted an holistic experience, where I could learn about myself and expand my knowledge of yoga. So, I became a yoga teacher.

In time, as my executive coaching skills expanded and my understanding of yoga, and its associated practices (meditation, mindfulness, etc), progressed, I realised I could no longer separate the two strands of my practice. The mind and body work together, and if one is imbalanced, both are. My yoga teaching became threaded with the skills and knowledge I have from coaching and vice versa, creating an approach that works simply and effectively to manage stress on a day-to-day basis.

What do I believe?

The mind is part of the body. Very often a single treatment focussing on one area is not enough to get to the root of a problem. My work is holistic and aims to reduce physical and mental stress together, balancing the mind and body.

Whether the source of the problem is mental or physical, by doing body movements and breathing exercises you encourage the switching on of the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is the ‘relaxation response’ and my work helps clients to have ready access to it and to its benefits – clarity of mind, creative thought processes, empathic reasoning and bundles of energy.

When we suffer physically, our performance suffers because our mind is distracted and dragged down by pain; when we suffer mentally, it can often manifest itself as a physical ailment. As part of my corporate services I also offer coaching on emotional eating, because what we eat is an important part of having a healthy body and mind.

I believe a good yoga practice and an holistic point of view can help where a human body feels broken.

With increased wellbeing, all members of an organisation are happier, more energised and more productive. Personal goals are met and therefore so are the goals of the wider organisations within which they work.