Welcome Spark 

 I am a  yoga therapistspecialised in eating psychology and a mindfulness practitioner.

                                Ever since I found yoga many years ago, and through teaching yoga, I discovered I have the natural want and ability to help other people. 

People often suffer stress at work, have a bad relationship with food, or are trying to recover from a major event in their life. I have helped people from all walks of life who have suffered from these conditions.

I am passionate about creating a dynamic path in order to help people resolve these issues.

People spend much time and money looking after their phone, job, car, house ; The list is endless. When it comes to looking after their own mental well being , most of us don't.

The mind is infinitely complicated , it needs looking after and managing. The reward for this is happiness , and a whole load of possibilities including increased productivity, greater achievement, self-satisfaction, projected happiness to others, a better nights sleep, less cravings, a more balanced lifestyle and more.... 

Through my experience, training , dedication and love of what I do, I will help you explore yourself and your full potential, breaking down mental barriers and fully connecting your mind with your body.

I want to give the opportunity to access your full potential and to be happy within yourself .


to bring mind clarity 


to activate the body 


to eliminate stress  

E S T B 
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