" Where members of the corporate world can find ease, clarity and energy through yoga and executive coaching Yoga Spark is more than an exercise-based yoga class "

Welcome to Yoga Spark

Helping to increase productivity and to reduce stress combining psychology, elements of yoga & coaching

I have combined the benefits of yoga with the benefits of coaching to create unique, calming and focused programmes that increase the physical and mental wellbeing of anybody with a demanding career and a large workload, personally and/or professionally.


Yoga is a well-established practice for helping the body deal with stress, but so often we leave a class and plunge straight back into the stream. We feel better for that hour, for maybe that day, but nothing has really changed for us. We are still drowning in a sea of stress. We are surviving, not thriving

Career coaching is a well-established practice that can help to increase productivity, navigate problem areas and clear up confusion regarding career path. But if our bodies are riddled with the physical symptoms of stress, it is difficult to think clearly and to see the bigger picture. Yoga Spark can help.

By approaching stress and physical discomfort from both the outside and the inside, we can find the source of the problem and begin to solve it.